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Digital printing - one of the most popular modern methods of printing in the printing industry. With this printing method can print documents directly from the computer without any prepress processes. This saves time on the process of production of printed products.


Digital printing - a technology Impression using variable printing plate. Changes in the printing machine at every stage of the publishing system controlled by a computer. Print small runs of digital printing method is very advantageous and cost-effective by saving on costly pre-press operations. In this case, the cost per print on the digital device does not depend on the circulation.


Digital printing makes it possible to produce small runs of printed products and to provide customers with a wide range of printing services for the production of a particular type of printing products. In countries where the printing business and developed the first year, rapid on-demand printing is one of the most important applications of digital printing.


The quality of prints is not lower than in offset printing, but at the same time when using the digital printing becomes possible personifikatsirovat prints, to change the text or images. Significantly reduces not only the cost of pre-press, as not made plates and films, but also the risk of loss of quality at these stages of printing. Digital printing is characterized by the use of any medium - paper, self-adhesive base.


With digital printing, you can make business cards, flyers, booklets, calendars of various types, forms, self-copying documents, flyers, wobblers, stickers, and more.


Talking about the equipment for digital printing, it can be noted that the proposed printing equipment market for digital printing at the moment is rich with various equipment (digital printing machines and printing systems for industrial printers, copiers, printers, and small but productive duplicators (rizografy), intended for small businesses, offices, schools and even for home use) and it is replete with the manufacturers. Among the reputable manufacturers of printing equipment such famous brands as: DUPLO, EPSON, INDIGO, VUTEK, RISO, XEROX, HP and many others.


Digital printing is widely used for short-run printing of advertising or trade publications, which can be changed in the manufacturing process of circulation, even after printing each instance.

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