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Где вы рекламируете компанию?

Repair-offices, repair of apartments, repair of houses, repair of premises.

Turnkey construction of houses, cottages, summer cottages

Nobody wants to live another's life, the same can be said about the apartment - she, too, does not want to be typical. Typicality is good only in the study of mathematics, but in life it is a sign of mediocrity. Our task is to emphasize the individuality of each apartment, and therefore yours, too.

During the nine years that our company exists, we were able to become one of the leading companies providing repair and construction services. In our collection of works, both private objects (houses and apartments) and official (offices of private companies and state institutions) . You can get acquainted with our works in the "Gallery" section. In addition, deciding to cooperate with us, you will be able to visit some objects and, as they say, try the quality of our work. After all, as they say in the famous proverb, it is better to see 100 times than to hear once.

We care about our reputation, therefore our company employs people who have a special, often very narrow, qualification that you will never meet with so-called "private traders" (they are "shabashniki", "friendly Moldovans", etc.). . But the high quality of our work is achieved not only by this: we strictly follow the observance of all technologies and SNiPs, as well as provide permanent author's supervision over all under construction and repaired objects. The use of high-quality equipment and the latest materials is a mandatory credo of our work.

The structure of our company is such that the customer can only come to us and conclude a contract for the performance of certain work, the rest is our concern. You do not even have to worry about where to get modern quality materials - our company has regular suppliers whose quality of products is checked by our long-term cooperation. Thus, we exclude downtime, as we coordinate the supply of materials, the work of all specialists, the removal of construction debris.

At us you will find the individual approach to each client, qualitative work, strict observance of the established terms. In addition, we take care of all possible problems associated with settling the issues of redevelopment in various instances.

Refer to your apartment as a living creature, take care of it, and it will please you for many years.

Construction of wooden houses

Paints, enamels, lacquers


Металлопластиковые окна, металлические двери, балконы


Строительная техника, инструменты


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