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Где вы рекламируете компанию?

Why a website?

In today's world where new ideas, hypotheses, discoveries, which are developing in all directions, in a world where the Internet has firmly captured the highest and most active positions, the question

Why a website?
given less and less.

10 reasons to build a site
The site - is:

Support for the old and the new relationship in the market;
Dissemination of information about the company;
Information and service support customers and partners;
Increase sales and find new customers your company's products;
A great way to exchange information with remote offices and retail outlets;
Clock service to customers and partners;
Operational feedback from customers anywhere in the world;
Implementing a remote demonstration of goods for sales promotion (sales-promotion);
Tool for distance learning and training employees and partners;
Interaction with both traditional and electronic media.

Now is not the developers of sites explain to potential clients why they website and the customers themselves tell us what kind of website they want and for what purposes.

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Flash Cool Template
- a fresh template from a reputable manufacturer.
(on file with the modified version of the already implemented the ability to display Cyrillic

60.00 грн.
Out of stock

Russian translation of Flash template Flashden XML

Developer: flashden.net
Translation: Russian
Flash 8 ActionScript 2

48.00 грн.
Out of stock

Multifunction Russified Flash template site, a large number of modules will expand your borders.

FLA | XML ​​| SWF | 56 MB

160.00 грн.
Out of stock

Translation: Russian
Developer: flashden.net
Description: Flash ActionScript 3

80.00 грн.
Out of stock

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