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Где вы рекламируете компанию?

GPS receiver - a device with which you can easily not only to determine its location, and perform several other functions (to find any object and find its coordinates, remember the point, get directions, etc.)
Types of navigation:
A. Car
Two. marine
Three. aviation

Let us consider the automotive GPS navigators, from the point of view of "iron."
On the Ukrainian market is represented by a very large number of devices. How do you choose?
Before you buy any GPS receiver, be sure to check with the dealer which cards are installed, whether they are licensed. The presence of licensed software will allow you to continue to update the map (often for free).
In view of the industry and a variety of different models of the "iron", it is advisable to ask the existence of a guarantee (usually not less than one year) and the specific address of the service center. We are aware of the widespread sale of very cheap devices with counterfeit cards and the lack of quality service. Moreover, as a rule, low-cost device meets a very bad assembly unit.

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C road map and a map of Ukraine NavLyuks Central Europe!

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