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The company "Eco-Texservice ", Kyiv

We sell rubber seal (PVC seals with a magnetic insert) for residential, commercial and industrial refrigerators, freezers, as well as for commercial refrigerated display cases, cabinets, chest freezers, refrigerated tables cameras. We manufacture any type of refrigerators, various kinds, any size and count. Will repair all types of refrigerators, temperature regimes designed for long-term and short-term storage of food in retail and wholesale trade, public catering establishments: bars, cafes, restaurants.
We work with both individuals and organizations.

Украина, г. Киев, «Эко-Техсервис» тел: 8(068)804-82-13, (067)368-42-62, (099)779-21-13 Email: g.kovgan@gmail.com

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Украина, г. Киев, «Эко-Техсервис» тел: 8(068)804-82-13, (067)368-42-62, (099)779-21-13 Email: g.kovgan@gmail.com

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